Sometimes there are great cars that just don’t sell well. Whether it’s because of the name or current car trends that prevent buyer interest, there have been some great cars that didn’t sell well but could make fantastic, affordable used cars today.

Acura NSX, 1990-2005

Acura NSX, 1990-2005 - Lone Star Cars in Plano, TX
Image via Flickr by hedrives

Let’s start off with an oldie but a goodie. There’s no good reason why this car wasn’t truly a big hit, other than it was a sporty car made by Honda. The modest exterior was hiding a fantastic, aluminum V6 engine and all-aluminum chassis. It’s time to go looking for a throwback of this car that was made from 1990 to 2005, as it’s been re-released in 2016.

Ford Focus, 1998

As the first mid-size hatchback to have independent rear suspension, we have no idea why this car wasn’t a huge success. The 1998 Focus featured a bold design and radical engineering as well as great driveability as a bonus. Though most people bought it only for the hatchback, this truly was one of the best driving Ford cars released in the last 20 years.

Porsche Boxter

Surprised? Yeah, so are we. The Porsche Boxter is a well-known car, but not always a well bought car. This fantastic car is sometimes considered the cheap Porsche or a Porsche for girls. We have to say, if that’s true, boys have bad taste. There have been many iterations of the Boxter released, and each one has its own great qualities, but the most recent has a great engine sound and aggressive handling.

BMW E46 M3, 2001-2006

Talk about an underrated car. This BMW resells for just $16,000. If you’re looking for a great-looking used car that also handles well, this is the one to look for. The V6 engine, good suspension, fantastic steering, and fat tires all combine to create a great drive.

Chevy Spark

Unlike many cars that are designed to be short and tiny, this doesn’t make you feel like you’re driving in a packed clown car. The interior is designed to be cute, with motorcycle-inspired instruments and paneling. The perky, quick handling only adds to the greatness of this car. It’s cheap to run and the outside doesn’t look so bad. What more could a used car buyer ask for?

Ford Taurus SHO

Why buy new when you can buy used? Ford has released a 2016 version of the Taurus SHO, but we think this is a great used car to buy. The Fusion is not the only Ford Sedan we should be talking about. The Taurus is about 10 inches bigger than the Fusion and has an EcoBoost V6 engine that can pack a punch with 365 horsepower. You should definitely give this all-wheel drive car a chance if you’re looking for something to buy used.

No matter what style of car you’re looking for, we’ve included some great options for the discerning driver who’s looking to buy used and save money without sacrificing driveability, look, or comfort. Don’t take it from us, there are plenty of cars that fit this description.


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