Like most drivers, you probably don’t think too much about your car’s windshield unless you’re having trouble seeing out of it due to bad weather or it’s just gotten cracked by hailstones. However, while thoroughly looking over your car, either before its annual inspection or because you’re giving your vehicle a good cleaning, you’ve probably noticed a curious pattern of black dots on the borders of your windshield. Keep reading to learn about their purpose.

A Visually Pleasing Element

Before understanding more about the black dots on your windshield and why they’re there, it’s important to also notice the black band at the outer edges of your windshield. This portion is called the frit and it plays a role in helping the windshield glass bind to the frame of your car by acting as a contact point.

Now, back to the black dots. They provide a dissolving or shrinking effect so that the visual transition between the windshield glass and the frame is not so drastic. Additionally, the black dots help conceal the adhesive used to put the windshield glass in place, which results in a more cohesive look.

Shading You From the Sun’s Glare

So That's What Those Dots on My Windshield Are
Image via Flickr by theilr

You probably already know how important it is to slather on sunscreen before you go lie out on the beach for a few hours, but you may not stop to think too much about how the sun affects you when you’re driving. Sitting inside a car should provide most or all of the protection required to prevent severe sunburn, but visibility is certainly a key factor to keep in mind when you’re driving in bright conditions.

Driving into direct sunlight can increase driving hazards, so it’s important to take care and reduce your risk when possible. Wearing polarized glasses is an easy way to minimize some of the visibility problems associated with the sun. It’s also crucial to keep your windshield clean and free from pits and cracks so you won’t have other issues to contend with besides the sun’s brightness.

Interestingly enough, the black dot pattern you just learned about also sometimes helps solve sun-related issues. Some manufacturers design the dots so they extend down a significant length of the windshield. That design choice may help block some glare from the sun by supplementing the effects caused when drivers use the shades built into their cars.

Heat Reduction While Driving

Besides helping you see better in extreme sunlight by cutting down on glare, the black dots aid in heat dissipation. That means you may not get as hot while you’re driving in extremely warm temperatures. The frit also plays a role in safeguarding from the sun’s heat, but it specifically safeguards the windshield’s adhesive hold from ultraviolet rays. Otherwise, the grip would be loosened over time.

Thanks to what you just learned, you may have a greater respect for the amount of engineering that goes into creating modern cars. Dots on the windshield are just tiny parts of the overall vehicle, but they’re there for good reasons.


So That’s What Those Dots on My Windshield Are