There is no shortage of shopping malls in Dallas, and it’s often tempting to shop at one of them for convenience. However, there are smaller boutiques in Dallas that offer better customer service while ensuring a unique shopping experience. Also, don’t forget that buying locally helps the community! Here are six places to shop in Dallas that are worth a visit.

HD’s Clothing Company Men’s Store

Opened in 1981 after a design idea trip to Japan, HD’s Clothing Company Men’s Store is a boutique that offers trendy men’s apparel. Next door you will find the women’s store. The metal shelves and the concrete floors give the store an industrial feeling, and the clothes cater mainly to guys who are looking for cutting-edge looks. You can rest assured that you will stand out from the crowd with one of its graphic sweaters or patterned dress shirts.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Dude, Sweet Chocolate - Lone Star Cars
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Have a piece of chocolate at Dude, Sweet Chocolate and you will never be able to go back to industrial chocolate. The store, located in the Bishop Arts District, sells nuts, fudges, toffees, truffles, and all kinds of creations that include cocoa. The store is very popular, because it maintains its focus on the quality of the products. It’s a must for all chocolate lovers!

Loretta’s Intimates

Located in Plano, Loretta’s Intimates is a lingerie shop offering a wide selection of lingerie, swimwear, bridal wear, and lounge clothing. Maternity intimates and apparel for breast cancer survivors are also available at the store. There are items available for any budget, and the shop assistants will make sure that each piece smooths you out in the right places. Next time you’re looking for something that makes you feel your sexiest, skip the mall and head to Loretta’s instead.

Opportunity Market

If you have a soft spot for fair trade stores, don’t look any farther. Opportunity Market, which has recently reopened after a major renovation, is a social enterprise that focuses on ethical sourcing and the empowerment of women around the world. Opportunity Market is located in the Bishop Arts District, and here you can find jewelry, clothing, and all kinds of home goods. Feel better knowing that you are improving the life of a family somewhere with every purchase.

Milk & Honey Boutique

Milk & Honey is a cozy boutique on Henderson Avenue that offers fashion-forward clothing with an affordable price tag. The store is carefully designed and features cowhide rugs, walls of greenery, and a nice garden patio. Clothes have a distinctive feminine style and often boast bold colors and distinctive textures. It’s hard to find any clothing costing more than $80, but also don’t forget to check out the sale section in the back, where you can find items offered for up to a 50 percent discount.

Fete-ish of Bishop Arts

Fete-ish of Bishop Arts is an anything but ordinary gift shop. From quirky watches to miniatures of the pope and funky furniture, here you’ll find all kinds of unexpected items. Come to Fete-ish to find a gift that won’t be easily forgotten.

Dallas brims with shopping opportunities that go beyond what any mall has to offer. Why not go exploring?



The Six Best Places to Shop in Dallas

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