Plan Out Your April in Plano

On a long Texas night, you might find yourself wondering what you should do in the town of Plano. Although it is close to Dallas and other large cities, Plano also has plenty of activities of its own to boast. Below you’ll find four of the most exciting things to do in Plano in April.

“Perfect Wedding” at Theater Britain

Robin Hawdon is the author of “Perfect Wedding,” a farce about a man who wakes up next to an unfamiliar woman — on the day of his wedding! Misunderstandings and mishaps ensue as the bridegroom stumbles from one bad situation to another. The Theatre Britain is located in the downtown Plano arts district and is devoted to providing the town with the best in modern and classical theater with a British twist. Tickets are $21 for adults, with a discount for seniors, students, and children. The show runs from April 9 to May 1.


4 Best Performance Car Deals to Drive in Dallas

Driving in Dallas can get hairy, and you’ll go nowhere fast when you’re commuting in the crush of vehicles that emerges during rush hour. If you’re itching to really get out and enjoy the road, however, you’ll find plenty of options from the curves along Turtle Creek Boulevard to a fast cruise down 190. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a great ride in the city with these high performance cars. Check out these options to get a great drive and a decent price tag in one package.


Plan for Fun This March in Plano

As one of Texas’s most populous cities, Plano offers plenty to see and do this March. If you’re planning a road trip or you’re a resident keen to enjoy all that your local community has to offer, make sure you don’t miss these great Plano events. Without futher ado, here are 4 events to help you plan for fun this March in Plano.

Adult Easter Egg Hunt: Easter Fun for Big Kids

Why should the tiny tots have all the fun at Easter time? The Heritage Farmstead Museum invites the young at heart to forage for more than 1,300 eggs hidden around the property. These eggs are much better than traditional chocolate ones; each contains a special prize such as gift certificates and coupons for local services. Space is limited, so make sure you reserve your place via the event website.


2016 Super Bowl Survey

2016 Super Bowl Survey Infographic
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This 2016 Super Bowl Survey infographic has some interesting points about the audience watching the big game. Commercials are a big part of watching the Super Bowl. 84% of the people surveyed said they enjoyed the suspense of watching new commercials. Social media will also be playing a big role allowing fans to interact with each other. 33% said they would be checking social media constantly of the course of the game. Why will you be watching the game this Sunday?






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New Year’s Resolutions: How to Make and Achieve Them

New Year's Resolutions tips
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New Year’s resolutions can be anything and can mean different things to different people. It is pretty safe to say that they are usually something we want to do to make ourselves, or our lives, better. Maybe you want to get in shape, buy a car, get that promotion you’ve had your eye on, or finally learn how to smoke a perfectly juicy brisket? Those are all resolutions we would certainly be proud of. However, making a New Year’s resolution is the easy part. We want to show you some information and tips on how to make, and achieve, your New Year’s resolutions. You can do it, and when you do, please let us taste some of that gloriously smoked brisket!

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5 Luxury Cars That Wowed at the Detroit Auto Show

This year, the luxury car brands pulled out all the stops to show their best vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show. In competition with Mercedes-Benz and BMW were some automakers newer to the luxury game, and some are trying to redefine tired images. You may be surprised to see names like Buick and Hyundai on this list, but they showed models that wowed the crowd.

Buick Avista

Luxury Cars Buick Avista
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The 4 Best Barbecue Joints in Dallas

barbecue Lonestar Cars
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Historically, barbecue diehards have scoffed at Dallas, a city of big chains and mediocre smoking but that is no longer the case. The Dallas area boasts the same authentic, melt-in-your-mouth Texas barbecue that made towns like Taylor and Elgin famous. The emphasis on the meat in Texas barbecue is evident whether at a sit-down restaurant or roadside food trailer. In the Lone Star State, the last thing anyone wants is a small helping of overly sauced, yet dry meat. Here in Dallas, and all over Texas, the meat is the barbecue and the sauce is merely a side. (more…)