Depending on the area, the odds might be stacked against you when purchasing a vehicle. For instance, in densely populated New York City, salespeople receive a constant influx of consumers daily and have little motivation to haggle to make a sale. In addition, dealerships within close proximity to one another may be family owned and choose not to compete against one another. Similarly, in rural Idaho, you may drive several hours and only encounter one dealership with no incentive to offer a bargain. When you’re shopping for a car, don’t let the following myths keep you from getting a stellar price.

Myth #1 Prepare to Pay Double Taxes on an Out-of-State Car

While crossing state lines to purchase an automobile might add miles to the odometer, Uncle Sam will not penalize you for it. You will pay a minimal registration fee, usually less than $10, to get plates in the state of purchase that will expire in 30 days. If you sign an affidavit stating you are going to register the vehicle in another state, you bypass paying sales tax at closing.

Myth #2 No Deal Is Worth Driving a Long Distance

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In order to combat life’s monotony, some people embrace the thrill of a getaway. What better way to celebrate an addition to your family that will carry you through the twists and turns of life for years to come than to plan a road trip on its behalf? Many people fly in to spend time with a loved one, seal a great deal, and then drive home, visiting sights on the way home that they would not otherwise take the time to visit. In a matter of a few short days, your vehicle becomes an icon of freedom and relaxation.

Myth #3 The Price of a Vehicle Says Nothing About a Dealership

In the days of endless internet searching to find the best deal, people put a lot of stock in no-hassle pricing. Knowing you can walk into a dealership and sign on the dotted line without haggling with someone brings peace and assurance. It’s often worth traveling to a dealership that offers simple, straightforward pricing.

Myth #4 Dealerships Only Want to Sell to Local Customers

When clients feel like the dealership has gone out of its way to make a fair deal, they get the word out. Whether they post a compliment about the service on the dealership’s web page or leave a five-star rating on Yelp, all positive feedback boosts the credibility of the sales department and brings in more business. It doesn’t matter where those positive reviews come from.

Coming to terms with the reality in your area helps you make a wise decision about if time or money is your most valuable asset. If you don’t mind taking a day trip with a friend, it could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in your walk-out price. Some people have been led to believe that traveling to snag a bargain is a waste of time, but with knowledge, you can¬†make a decision that fits your schedule and pocketbook.

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