For a car lover, overdosing on classic cars at car shows and museums is impossible. Texas has some fantastic car museums featuring unique collections that car enthusiasts will adore. Instead of visiting every museum with a certain make or era of car, take a trip around Texas and look at a different representation of automobiles in every city where you stop. These five museums will expand your car knowledge and deepen your zeal.

Horton Classic Car Museum

Horton Classic Car Museum - Lone Star Cars
Image via Flickr by chimichagua

Vintage American car fans, look no further than the Horton Classic Car Museum. Head to 115 W. Walnut St. in Nocona, Texas, to check out a collection of 135 American classics and muscle cars. This museum focuses on Corvettes specifically; 40 of those beautiful cars are Corvettes, and the collection has a representation of almost every year Corvettes have been in production.

Terrill Antique Car Museum

In De Leon, Texas, you’ll find this astounding collection of antique cars from the early 1900s. The collection includes a 1901 steam-powered Coffin carriage and a 1915 REO Speedwagon. Don’t miss this opportunity to see some of the earliest and rarest examples of automobiles. Ten vehicles from 1901-1941 have been restored to a drivable condition. This museum is located at 500 North Texas St.

Twelfth Armored Division Memorial Museum

Abilene Texas’ Twelfth Armored Division Memorial Museum will give auto fans a different kind of museum visit. This WWII museum is dedicated to a single unit. Through the eyes of the museum’s unique storytelling, you’ll get to see photos of military vehicles in action in WWII. You’ll also see some of those vehicles in-person in the museum itself. Anyone who loves cars and history will enjoy visiting this museum at 1289 N. 2nd St in Abilene.

Clifton Classic Chassis Museum

If you love classic cars from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, then the Clifton Classic Chassis Museum should be your next stop in Texas. This 20,000 square foot museum features 25 gorgeous classics, including a 1940 Buick Eight Sedan and a 1955 Thunderbird convertible. These cars have you stepping back in time to days when people cruised down the highway for the sheer love of driving. You’ll find this slice of heaven in Clifton, Texas, at 406 W 5th St.

Art Car Museum


Art Car Museum - Lone Star Cars
Image via Flickr by ArturoYee

For an automobile museum that’s a little different from the rest, take a walk through the Art Car Museum in Houston. This museum curates a collection of contemporary art made from automobiles. The museum houses art from around the world. They have permanent and temporary exhibits, so it’s worth a second look even if you’ve visited before. Admission is free to the public. You’ll find the museum at 140 Heights Blvd.

These car museums are worth visiting whether you’ve lived in the same city as one for years or have never been to Texas before. If you already love cars, you’re sure to enjoy your trip to any one of these locations. If you haven’t discovered the magic yet, looking at some of these amazing models will spark a new passion.


5 Best Auto and Car Museums Around Texas

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