Taking your furry friend along on car trips can be a hassle. By nature, dogs are frisky four-legged creatures that thrive on running wild and free. Traveling in a car is unnatural to dogs, but with the right pet accessories, you and Sparky can have a comfortable ride together. Check out five car accessories every dog owner needs in their arsenal.

Waterproof Seat Covers

5 Auto Accessories Every Dog Owner Needs - Lone Star Cars
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Let’s face it, “doggy” accidents happen. Protecting your car seats will save you money in the long run; repeatedly getting your car detailed can cost you some major bucks over time. With waterproof seat covers, you can easily wipe the seats down if your dog gets sick, sheds an insane amount of hair, spills food, or lets loose before your next stop. The added bonus of using seat covers is that, unlike your actual car seats, you can always remove and wash them if things get too messy.

Pet Barriers

If Sparky decides to leap into the front seat while you’re driving, you both could be in a predicament. Pet barriers are a great option to keep your dog restrained in one area of the car while also allowing for some mobility. With pet barriers, your dog won’t be completely isolated and will still be able to see passengers in the cabin. You can also place food and toys behind the barrier to keep your dog entertained on long trips.

Pet Harness

A pet harness functions for dogs in the same way a seat belt functions for passengers. Your dog may not take too kindly to being strapped down, but a harness will keep your pet safe in the event of an accident. Not to mention at high impacts, dogs can easily be ejected from their seat which could place passengers in harm’s way. If your dog travels in a crate, applying a harness could also keep it from tipping over and causing distractions while you’re driving.

Cargo Liner

Similar to seat covers, cargo liners protect your upholstery from dirt, fluids, and pet hair. The material is also thick enough to prevent your dog from using its claws to tear into your carpet. You may be tempted to use regular floor mats instead, but cargo liners are made to keep fluids from spilling over into your vehicle. To clean the mats, simply rinse them with water and allow them to air dry before your next trip.

Pet Emergency Kit

For unforeseen emergencies, having a “doggy bag” on hand can make the life of a pet owner a bit easier. What you include in the emergency kit will depend on your pet’s specific needs. For medical emergency kits, you’ll want to include bandages, medication, veterinarian contact information, and medical history. However, for long trips, you could also carry extra essentials like water, food, waste bags, and clean blankets. When deciding on what emergency items to bring along for your furry friend, stick to the basics.

Auto accessories are practical for pet owners and make riding in cars with dogs less problematic. Which accessories will you take on your next trip?


5 Auto Accessories Every Dog Owner Needs

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