3 Infamous Cars and Their Scandals

Some cars gain admiration and capture headlines for all the right reasons, but some vehicles become infamous due to unforeseen problems. Let’s  look at some of those cars and the associated circumstances that have caused car enthusiasts to raise their eyebrows.

The Ford Pinto

Since gasoline is highly flammable, it could be argued the mere act of sitting in a gas-powered car is dangerous enough in itself. However, car manufacturers usually take proper precautions to keep fiery explosions from happening. Then, if problems occur, they’ll fix the issues. However, that’s not what happened with the Ford Pinto.

Avoid Title Jumping During a Car Purchase

Buying a car online can be a more budget-friendly option and may give you more access to a wider variety of vehicles. However, title jumping is an issue when buying a vehicle online. Title jumping occurs when car owners do not get their names registered with the vehicle. This lack of registration could happen for many reasons: poorly completed paperwork, shady deals, or lack of knowledge. Discover some helpful information to make sure that you don’t end up in a situation that could pose legal problems for you in the future.


Not Just Cars: Manufacturers Branch Out

Quiz: Which one of the following products was created by car manufacturers in recent years? A. Cars, B. Jets, C. Smartphones, or D. Sausages. The answer is E. All of the above! Yes, even the last one is true. In 2015, Volkswagen actually sold more of their currywurst sausages than vehicles. By now, you’re probably scratching your head and wondering what strange parallel universe you must have stepped into. Worry not, you’re in the right place, but you’re about to be surprised by the ventures into which well-known car companies have explored.


Honda Branching Out - Lone Star Cars
Image via Flickr by Pilot Ian Photography


The 3 Best Cars No One Bought

Consumers sometimes miss out on movies nobody saw, books nobody read, and cars nobody bought. In the latter group, dozens of perfectly well-engineered vehicles go unnoticed, partly because today’s drivers have so many choices on dealerships’ lots. Following are three such vehicles that nobody chose, but that should have ranked better in sales numbers.

Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke - Lone Star Cars
Image via Flickr by daveiam


4 Car Buying Myths to Ignore

A lot of people feel anxious about buying cars, so they rely on myths that they believe will help them get better deals. Unfortunately, following these four myths could waste your time and money.

Dress Like You Don’t Have Any Money

This myth might have made sense once upon a time, but you can ignore it now. The idea is that salespersons will charge you a higher price if you’re wearing nice clothes. By dressing like you don’t have any money, the salesperson won’t waste time trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of you.